The extra virgin olive oil of the ancient  Oil mill Cramarossa -Piccolo is obtained from mechanical cold pressing (that is without  any chemical additives or processes and without increasing temperature while working). This oil derives  from the blending  of the best  olives from Apulia and in particular from the north of Bari (“Coratina” and “Bitontina” varieties).

When olives grow ripe, they are picked up by hand and brought to the oil mill in a very few hours in order to be cold pressed. The result of this blend is a type of oil unique in quality and taste, with intact organoleptic charateristics, with a very low grade of acidity, lightly savoury, with a fruity and almondy aroma, sometimes a bit  peppery. It has a light green colour, typical of the olives of this area.

It can be coupled with all dishes, this oil emphasizes and enhances the Mediterranean cuisine. It is ideal for light and digestible  frying, also because of  its resistance to high temperatures. Extra virgin olive oil is strongly recommended by nutristionists and health fanatics  as a perfect touch for Mediterranean diet and for a correct and balanced diet.

The extra virgin oil obtained from cold pressing reaches its climax if tasted raw on vegetables and raw food.  If you season with our EVO (extra-virgin olive oil) the typical Apulian “friselle”,  you will be surprised…